Tuesday 18 August 2020

Connectivity issues, and some good stuff too

Today we have experienced some network connectivity issues. Our hosting provider's data centre provider (Equinix) was very late in posting details of a power supply problem that degraded network connectivity for most of today, so if you thought things were slow, that's why.

In better news, we've not been posting here much because we've not had any problems to report! We have upgraded all our application servers to PHP 7.4, and everything is faster than ever. We have rolled out our multi-account management system (great for agencies running multiple brands, companies with branches and subsidiaries, universities with many departments), alongside shareable, pre-paid, per-message billing. As usual, we are right on top of our privacy controls, providing unparalleled data protection and privacy for both you and your subscribers.

Hey, and Bill & Ted 3 is coming out soon too! Party on, dudes!

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