Wednesday 4 August 2010

System update

We're pleased to announce a set of improvements to the service.
  • Upgraded to the latest CKEditor 3.3 on the send page, CKFinder 2.0 on the files page
  • Link to our downloadable user manual from the home page
  • Message generator engine tuning should mean better performance on smaller mailshots
  • Faster report generation and viewing
  • Added downloads of opens and clicks in CSV format from reports
  • Downloadable lists of per-mailshot unsubscribes
  • Added timestamps to bounce list downloads
  • Better HTML validation
  • More detail on list upload results
  • The usual round of internal bugfixes and minor improvements
Hope you like it!

    Monday 2 August 2010

    Unexpected outage

    We're currently investigating an outage at our ISP. While we have a fair amount of redundancy, it appears that four of our servers have gone offline at once, suggesting a network or power problem. Though our site is currently not accessible, any scheduled mailshots should proceed as normal. We're chasing our ISP, and will update here when we know more.

    Update: There has been a power failure at our ISP. They are investigating.

    Update 21:37: Power is restored, all is working again.