Friday 12 March 2010

Performance improvements

Last night we rolled out some changes and upgrades to our distributed file system. The general result is that file loading performance is improved across the board. This is particularly noticeable in our files tab (especially for those with thousands of uploaded images), but will also help improve performance for recipients when opening messages with lots of images. Plenty more performance improvements in the pipeline!

Monday 8 March 2010

Report downloads

A new feature that's been eagerly awaited by some of our customers is now live: downloadable reports. When viewing a report, you can now choose from Excel 2007, Excel 5, PDF and CSV downloads of the report data. No more copy and paste required! You'll also find that the Excel spreadsheets use nicely named ranges and formulae to give you easier integration with your own models and more transparent, easy-to-read calculations.

DNS Update

Further to the problems we experienced with our DNS provider back in January, we're happy to announce we have now successfully switched to our usual registrar, At the same time, we've renewed our SSL certificate for another couple of years, also with Gandi.