Sunday 20 February 2011

Major update

We're happy to announce lots of changes in Smartmessages today.
  • New colour scheme, layouts and logo!
  • More efficient CSS
  • Much improved templates page
  • Shorter load times on nearly all pages
  • Template image report
  • Template link report
  • Template spam check report
  • CSS fixes, especially in Internet Explorer
  • More space on mailings page, more consistent styling
  • Updated to latest CKEditor
  • Updated to latest CKFinder
  • Updated to Prototype 1.7
  • Updated to jQuery 1.5
We've aso had some infrastructure changes and now all of our servers are running on solid-state disks, meaning higher transfer rates and lower latency for just about everything.

    Friday 18 February 2011


    One of our web servers has developed problems that interfered with our load balancer, taking the smartmessages web interface offline. There should be a new server in place within a few minutes. Mailshot sending is unaffected.

    Update 19:10: the new server is in place, all services are fully operational again.