Wednesday 27 January 2010

A few new features

A few new features have been rolled out oer the last couple of days:

  • API now supports creation, updating and deleting mailing lists and campaign folders - demo code and PHP client class updated to match
  • Mailshots can now be moved between campaign folders on the report page
  • Minor speedups site-wide

More features are in the pipeline...

Tuesday 12 January 2010

New template tags

A small addition to our template editor. There are four new tags available:

  • [[mailshot_id]] - Our internal ID of the mailshot, useful for generating mailshot-unique URLs.
  • [[campaign_id]] - The internal ID for the campaign the mailshot is stored in, useful for agregating stats across multiple related mailshots.
  • [[mailshot_timestamp]] - The time (as a unix timestamp) this particular mailshot was sent - will be the same for all messages in a given mailshot.
  • [[message_timestamp]] - The time (as a unix timestamp) that an individual message was sent. Note that this will not be unique as we send several hundred messages per second.
If you're using tags like these for generating URLs for analytics purposes, remember that we have built-in Google analytics support which will automatically populate appopriate URL parameters without you having to do anything.

Monday 11 January 2010

DNS trouble

Some of you have reported that it looks like our site is down - including this page! The DNS provider ( that hosts the domain has been having intermittent problems with their name servers. The site is actually fine, but the DNS just isn't telling your browser how to get there. They don't have an estimated time to fix and no status page. Needless to say we will be switching providers as soon as possible.