Monday 14 December 2009

System upgraded

This weekend's upgrades took rather longer than anticipated, and led to a few teething problems this morning, however all are now straightened out (and as always, if anything is not working right for you, please tell us).
We have quite a few new features :

  • Our API has been expanded to permit upload and management of templates and campaigns.
  • DKIM is now used for all messages, including administrative subscribe/unsubscribe notifications.
  • Yahoo spam reports (which also includes btinternet, btopenworld and talk21 domains) are handled automatically.
  • Improvements in our database design means our servers can run more efficiently, and you should see higher sending rates
  • Dynamically generated template and mailshot preview images
  • Cosmetic imprevements in Firefox
  • Numerous bug, usability and validation fixes
The main purpose of this upgrade was to lay the foundations for even more enhancements in future, so stay tuned!

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