Friday 11 December 2009

DKIM is live

We're happy to announce that full DKIM support is now fully enabled for all our customers.
There are two levels of signing available; If you make our public key available in your DNS using the 'sm' selector, we'll sign using that for fully-authenticated email. Failing that, we sign it as an intermediary, which doesn't carry as much weight, but every little helps.
For a guide on what DKIM is all about, why you should be using it and how to set it up, see the entry in our help wiki. Don't forget to add your signing domains to your account on the smartmessages settings page one you've set up your DNS.
A big upside to DKIM is that messages signed with it (even as an intermediary) are eligible for Yahoo!'s feedback loop, and we now support spam report handling from all Yahoo! domains (.com,, .fr, .in etc), plus other domains that they handle email for, including some important UK ISPs, and others.

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