Wednesday 24 February 2010

Workflow improvements

We've rolled out a few new features to improve responsiveness and reduce clutter in smartmessages accounts. A while ago we rolled out a change to the mailings page that hid older mailings - this has made a massive difference to customers that sends hundreds of mailshots a month. We've extended that further by providing a sliding scale of visibility and reduced the default to 1 month (down from 2). Similarly, the reporting page now only shows recent mailshots in the menu at the top of the page, and this should provide big speedups for those with large numbers of mailshots.
The templates page suffered similar response problems simply because of the volume of entries in some accounts. This could be mitigated by deleting templates, however, that would also delete any mailshots that used them, and our users were not keen on losing data. To remedy this we've introduced a new feature: template archiving. When you edit a template you'll see a new 'Archived' checkbox. Select it and save the template, and it will be removed from the list of templates, and also from the templates shown on the send page template selector. You can always show hidden templates by clicing the 'Show all templates' link at the bottom of the template list. This should go a long way towards improving page load performance and keeping menu contents relevant for out bigger accounts.

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